Technical Skill Program for TOT & PG Students

Course Course ID Duration
Languages/Skills Embedded C, C & Data Structures, GStreamer, GTK ITND-­‐IT_04.01 5 days
Opera6ng System Linux ITND-­‐IT_04.11 3 days
Scripting Linux Shell ITND-­‐IT_04.12 3 days
Compilers/IDE GCC/ARM_GCC, Source Insight, Keil uVision ITND-­‐ IT_04.13 5 days
Network Protocols Socket Programming ITND-­‐ IT_04.14 3 days
Debugging ToolsLinux GDB (GNU Debugger), STARCE. ITND-­‐ IT_04.15 3 days

Advance l IT trainings for TOT & MCA Students

Course Course Id Duration
“Ethical Hacking and Counter Measures” ITND-­‐IT_04.0 5 days
“Linux Administration” ITND-­‐IT_04.1 5 days
Security Administrator System Administrator ITND-­‐IT_04.2 3 days
Oracle 11g Data ITND-­‐IT_04.3 5 dyas
Cloud Computing ITND-­‐IT_04.4 3 days
Java ITND-­‐IT_04.5 5 days
SAP ITND-­‐IT_04.6 5 days
Advance Excel ITND-­‐IT_04.7 3 days

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