Employee development Program

The Capability Maturity Model® Integrated – Services (CMMI®-SVC) Ver. 1.3 is an integrated model to propel process improvements in the service industry, the model addresses the activities required to establish, deliver, and manage services.

CMMI®-SVC places proven practices into a structure that helps an organization to assess its organizational maturity and process area capability, establish priorities for improvement, and guide the process improvement initiative.

Workshop Benefits
Understand the CMMI® framework

  • Understand the detailed requirements of the process areas in the CMMI®-SVC
  • Understand the need of CMMI®-SVC and how it can be used to solve your organizational issues
  • Understand the synergies and differences between CMMI®-SVC and CMMI®-DEV and ITIL
  • Make valid judgments regarding the organization’s implementation of process areas
  • Identify issues that should be addressed in performing process improvements using the CMMI®-SVC
  • More consideration to application