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Soft Skills Programs

Soft Skill trainings are intended for making the Students/ Teachers proficient in Communication and other Soft Skills to make them industry-ready which would enable them to face the various professional challenges with confidence and proficiency.

Why Soft Skill Programs ?

Only meager 20% of engineers are employable & 73.6% lack English speaking skills


By the end of the Training and on completion of all exercises, the participants will be able to:

  1. Acquire effective Speaking skills in English.
  2. Practice Communication Skills – Verbal and Nonverbal.
  3. Express their ideas and feelings fluently in English.
  4. Apply Soft Skills successfully.
  5. Study and apply Communication Skills in various situations.
  6. Participate in discussions effectively.
  7. Learn to interact with people confidently.
  8. Enhance Employability.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of contemporary training & facilitation skills
  • Capable of doing a need analysis and designing modules to bridge the gap
  • Sound knowledge of grammar and syntax. & errors with Indianisms in English
  • Proficient in creating learner centric classroom/ outdoor activities and games
  • Ability to motivate and transform individuals to perform in collective domain
  • Facilitator for College Recruitment Training, special behavioral interviews
  • Offer trainings in comprehensive corporate Etiquette & narrative intelligence

We train in skills that catapult our participants to the Everest of life with an intrinsic force that is a magic combination of soft skills!!

Transforming Young Talents to become industry-ready

Duration 3 days

Day One



Ice- breaking

Communication skills
  • Introduction to communication
  • Effective communication

Activity Listening skillsActivity Inter-personal communicationsActivity Assertiveness

  • Assertion Vs aggression
  • Persuasiveness

Activity Written communicationPrinciples of effective writingExercise and presentationDay TwoPresentation skills

  • Factors contributing to an effective presentation

Exercise and discussion Preparation for Presentation

  • Audience Analysis
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Preparation of slides
  • Final check up points

Delivery of Presentation

Interactive presentationDay Three Practice presentationsExercise and feedback Basic Awareness of Emotional Intelligence

  • Necessity for EI
  • Types of basic personalities
  • Modifying styles of interaction based on EI

Exercise and discussion Team work

  • Difference between groups and teams.
  • Factors contributing to effective team work
  • Why do teams fail

Activity Open session and Feedback

Workshop On Spoken English

Duration 3 days


Introduction to Spoken English
The Difference between Language and Communication
Verb and Tense
Active/Passive Voice
Direct &Indirect Speech
Pronunciation and Phonetics
Speaking Confidently – JAM Session
Speaking and Debating with Others in Different Situations- Role Plays
Vocabulary & One- Word Substitutes
Idiomatic Speaking
Group Discussions for Success – Theory & Practicals

Individual soft skill trainings for all streams students are

Course Title



IT savvy program —–03.1 5 days
Excel with Advance features—–03.2 3 days
Microsoft Office with e-mail Etiquette—–03.3 2Days
e-mail Etiquette for academician —–03.4 1day
Communication Skill—–03.5 2 days
Advance writing Skill—–03.6 2 days

Soft Skill Training Modules for All Streams

Duration 5 days


» Knowing Yourself & ASK
» Perception & Attitudes
» Goal setting
» Body Language
» Listening Skills
» Speaking Skills
» Interpersonal Skills
» Presentation Skills
» Grammar Check
» Verbal Ability
» Writing Skills- Principles
» Leadership & Team Building – Outbound/ Inhouse
» Time Management
» Creative Problem-Solving
» Social skills- Netiquette, Social Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette & Dining Etiquette.
» Stress Management
» Current Corporate Analysis (CCA)
» GDs
» Mock Interviews

Out bond Team Building Program

We can design and deliver any customized training as per the requirement.