Faculty Image Development Progra

Course Course Id Duration
Define Yourself ITND-­‐SKFD_05.0 1 Week Program
Controlling & Developing your image
Personal & Professional Influences
Sharpening your brand
Appearance MaPers Social Media
Stress Management with YOGA
Branding Management during Crisis
Branding Personality Traits

Faculty Development Communication & soft skill Individual trainings

Course Course Id Duration
Time Management ITND-­‐SKFD_05.0 1 day
Self Branding & Influencing ITND-­‐SKFD_05.01 2 days
Conflict ResoluUon ITND-­‐SKFD_05.02 1 day
e-mail EUquePe foracademician- ITND-­‐SKFD_05.03 1/2 dyas
Communication Skill ITND-­‐SKFD_05.04 2 days
Stress Management with YOGA ITND-­‐SKFD_05.05 2 days
Emotional Intelligence ITND-­‐SKFD_05.06 1 day
Employee Motivation ITND-­‐SKFD_05.07 1/2 day

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