ITnurtureDen is a multi-disciplinary and vocational training services provider, set up by an amalgamation of elite pool of multi-skilled consultants, industry professionals and specialists in niche areas. Our objective is to skill individuals and teams with the right tools and inputs, coupled with continuous research and development in the learning, consulting and training domains. Knowledge is the key differentiator in the present world and this is very well summed up by Peter Drucker: “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”……

Who we are?

ITnurtureDen is a multi-disciplinary, vocational training service provider with a vision to provide Employment- oriented training solutions to graduating students and aims to become a reliable leader in skill and talent development.

We are a pool of dedicated, multi-skilled professionals comprising educationists, industry professionals, senior soft skill and technical skill consultants, and specialists & subject matter experts.

Our Objective

Equip individuals with employability skills using a right mix of inputs and tools developed through

  • Continuous research & development in the learning, consultancy and training domains
  • High quality process expert & trainers who are continually evolving

What we do?

Indian economy is in a growth mode and to keep the engine alive, the industry has need for skilled human resources. Unfortunately reports say only 20% engineers are employable rest lack some or other important skill. Out of over 1.2 lakh candidates 91.82% lack IT skills.

At ITnurtureDen we aims to make students industry-ready by providing soft skill, communication, aptitude and various IT role -based training programs. Our services also extend to corporate sector to ensure their talent pool is dynamic and ready to face the challenges of industry.

Our Offerings

Corporate Offerings- Our corporate offerings include wide range of soft skill programs from basic communication skills to strategic management to executive coaching and consulting for process improvement and its implementation. Our pool of committed, exceptionally skilled, motivated professional experts and trainers would facilitate seamless transformation of the trainees.

Employability skill development- Our programs transform talented engineers/Graduates into industry-ready professionals via different soft skill and IT role -based training programs

  • IT Based Programs – IT skills development programs which will enable student to be eligible for different roles in IT Industry
  • Soft Skills based Programs – Only 20% of engineers are employable and 73.6% lack English speaking skills. Our Soft Skill trainings are intended for making the Students proficient in Communication and other Soft Skills to make them industry-ready which would enable them to face the various professional challenges with confidence and proficiency.