Corporate Training Program – Soft Skills & Corporate Behavior

New Entrants:

  • Interpersonal skills – influencing styles
  • Indianisms in English – what bars client interaction?
  • Corporate culture & business etiquette

1st level consultants:

  • How to express negative ideas in a positive manner
  • Personal effectiveness & work-life balance
  • Interpersonal skills – influencing styles

Middle Managers:

  • Time & self-management in Indian context
  • Personal effectiveness & work-life balance
  • Corporate culture & business etiquette

Senior Managers:

  • Assertive communication & matching body language
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity & gender-neutral attitude
  • Interpersonal skills – influencing styles

Other topics: Can be presented on request or in a customized package

Business Etiquettes Program for Professionals

Training Objective Focus Areas
1 Welcome To give participants an overview of the Training Program; allow participants to set ground rules during training and formulate collective training objectives.
2 Looking the Part To enable participants maintain a presentable, well-groomed, and professional image at all times in business situations. Formal Dressing
Casual Dressing
Accessories for Men & Women Footwear
General Appearance
What To Wear for Different Occasions
3 Sounding the Part Using the Right Tone of Voice Managing Your Volume in Business Settings
Sounding Confident
4 Smelling the Part Dealing with Body Odor Dealing with Bad Breath Using Perfume
5 Body Language To enable participants show deference, use appropriate body language, and come across as being more professional while carrying out business conversations with colleagues and customers. Handshakes Personal Space Facial Expressions Eye Contact
Hand Gestures Posture
6 Dining Etiquette To enable participants understand and appreciate the nuances of dining with colleagues and customers including, invitations, arrival, ordering, smoking or drinking, and tipping. Napkin Etiquette 
Drinking Soup
Navigating the Place Setting American & Continental Styles of Eating
Seating Arrangements
Cutlery Etiquette
 Posture & Behavior