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Regression therapy is a holistic approach that delves into past experiences to address unresolved issues and promote healing and empowerment. Your responses will help us understand your needs and goals for therapy, allowing us to tailor sessions to support your journey towards emotional well-being and personal growth.

Have you heard about regression therapy before?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how interested are you in exploring past experiences to address current issues and promote healing?

What specific issues or challenges do you hope to address through regression therapy?

Have you previously undergone any form of therapy or counseling?

How would you describe your current level of emotional well-being?

Are you open to exploring past experiences to gain insight into recurring patterns or behaviors in your life?

How often do you meet with your advisor or counselor?

How comfortable are you with delving into potentially difficult or painful memories during therapy sessions?

Are you interested in integrating mindfulness or relaxation techniques into your therapy sessions?

How important is it for you to feel supported and understood by your therapist during the regression therapy process?

Would you prefer individual therapy sessions or group therapy sessions for regression therapy?

What coping mechanisms or strategies do you currently use to deal with stress or emotional challenges?

Are there any specific goals or outcomes you have in mind for your journey with regression therapy?

How often do you experience feelings of burnout or exhaustion?

How important do you believe participating in regression therapy session is?

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