Monesha Badkar Aversare is a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Counselor & Spiritual Coach specializing in helping people overcome mind blocks, painful life patterns, fears, child abuse traumas etc. She helps in decluttering minds & designing HOPE in people’s lives. 

Monesha is the founder of MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT an integration of various healing modalities. A quick & effective mind conditioning therapy to overcome life challenges. 

Starting her career in the Fashion Industry as a model, Monesha  then moved into designing & manufacturing, then worked for over a decade into High Fashion Garment Exports. After 13 yrs of working in the Fashion industry, from there on got into Corporate Skills Training & worked with some of the best known brands in the Retail & Hospitality industries. Since 19+ yrs Monesha has trained & coached thousands of people.   

Almost every modality that she experienced & learnt lead her to one understanding i.e. The Subconscious Mind. According to Monesha there is an ocean of wealth that is stored into our subconscious that is waiting to be explored & allowed to help heal ourselves.      

Whenever we come to a point in life when we realise that there is a pattern of experiences repeating in our lives & we wonder “Why me all the time or what have I done to get this” or if there are fears we have that are not allowing us to lead a normal life & there is no rational reason behind it, then it is a past memory that is causing it. Past Life Regression Therapy helps in identifying the root cause of many of these issues & also helps in learning to cope with them. Monesha have been practising PLR since 19+ years & it has help thousands of people.

Over the years many people have being benefitted and have experienced so many phenomenal shifts in them & their lives. The modalities that Monesha has been practicing for 19+ years now are MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnotherapy specializing in Past Life Regression(PLR), Quantum MindEnergy Healing, NLP & Counselling, Graphology, Metaphor & Art Therapy, Skills Training, Theta Healing & Oracle Cards. 

Monesha has been conducting individual sessions & MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT  Wellness Workshops (Public & Corporate) where various techniques learnt over the years have been integrated to help the subconscious mind conditioning, for effective enhancement of Life Performance-Soul, Mind, Body…